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UPDATED: 08-10-2015

Tape/CD-R: 4 EURO

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WOLF138: Herxsebet / Noctrvm (mex/mex) - Eon TAPE *NEW!*
WOLF137: Entsetzlich (aus) - Sombre Doom Ceremony TAPE
WOLF136: Hour of Thy Voyager (fin) - Rite of Passage; The Book II TAPE
WOLF135: Entsetzlich / Herxsebet (aus/mex) - Split TAPE
WOLF134: Malum (fin) - s/t TAPE
WOLF133: Entsetzlich / Kryptus (aus/aus) - As Blood & Innards Exit Their Tombs TAPE
WOLF132: Wolf (mex) - Clamor Mortis TAPE
WOLF131: Al Rinach 333 (mex) - A Tribute To The Funeral World TAPE
WOLF130: Herxsebet (mex) - Aureus Arce, Squalore carceris, Vocatus Et Psychotici Noctibus Frigus TAPE
WOLF129: Krypthall (mex) - Chaotic EP TAPE
WOLF128: Krypthall (mex) - Last Travel & Obfuscation (Old Ambush to the Coffin) TAPE
WOLF127: Nachtlich / Entsetzlich (aus/aus) - Echoes from the Void TAPE
WOLF125: Herxsebet (mex) - Nostrus Ordas Ol Terremyrlas Tenebrese TAPE
WOLF124: Entsetzlich (aus) - Eternal Funeral Cries TAPE
WOLF123: Zemsta (mex) - Behold the Veil of Necrotic Madness TAPE
WOLF121: Megalith Grave (usa) - Embittered Isolation TAPE
WOLF119: Hour of Thy Voyager (fin) - Rite of Passage; The Book I TAPE
WOLF118: Saatana Hatiim (mex) - Order of Honor to a New Supremacy of Hate TAPE
WOLF117: Moor Castle (rus) - s/t TAPE
WOLF116: HateHordes / Krypthall (esp/mex) - At Noctis Fraternitae... TAPE
WOLF115: Arcanticus (mex) - Howls, Laments and Shadows TAPE
WOLF114: Matar (fin) - 2007-2008 TAPE
WOLF113: SAAC (fin) - The Quantum Consciousness TAPE
WOLF111: M.Y.S.T. (mex) - The Night is Ours (That's What Nobody Knows) TAPE
WOLF109: Grafvolluth (usa) - Black Metal Against Time TAPE
WOLF108: Seeth (usa) - s/t TAPE
WOLF107: Erakko / Saatana Hatiim (fin/mex) - Split TAPE
WOLF106: Hour of Thy Voyager / TheM (fin/fin) - Extraneum 3"CD-R
WOLF103: Grafvolluth (usa) - Long Live Death! PRO-TAPE
WOLF102: The GBS (fin) - Fuck The Holy Trinity PRO-TAPE
WOLF101: Aijeke (fin) - Kaiho TAPE
WOLF100: Whorde (usa) - Pestilence TAPE
WOLF099: Kingdom of Agony (fin) - Visions From a Blackened World TAPE
WOLF096: Nadiwrath (gre) - Nihilistic Stench PRO-TAPE
WOLF095: Hour of Thy Voyager (fin) - Hour of Thy Voyager PRO-TAPE
WOLF094: Grafvolluth (usa) - Natural Selection Extermination TAPE
WOLF093: Forgotten Cairns (aus) - South of Hell TAPE
WOLF092: Blood of Umbra (usa) - Swallowed in Emptyness TAPE
WOLF090: Pestiferous (fin) - From Beyond the Sleep of Death TAPE
WOLF086: Hour of Thy Voyager (fin) - Frequency Abductions TAPE
WOLF083: Goatsignal (fin) - The Dragon Speaks with Many Tongues / Death Mantra TAPE
WOLF082: Norsekrieg (usa) - Monuments of War TAPE
WOLF078: Sadokist (fin) - Evil Sado Fuckin' Metal TAPE
WOLF077: Matar (fin) - Tyhjat Lupaukset TAPE
WOLF061: Unatas/Baraxetamol/Land Ov Frost (fin) - The Unholy Trinity CD-R
WOLF056: Grab (gre) - Plague TAPE
WOLF054: Grand Beast Sodomy (fin) - Rapehearsals TAPE
WOLF050: Rigid Horns (fin) - Triumph of Pan TAPE

0 (hol) - II TAPE
Adytum - Ancient Ceremonies of Obscure Mutations / At the Sacred Altar PRO-TAPE
Adytum - Procession of Dead Souls / Ornaments of Clandestine Ritual PRO-TAPE
Candlegoat (hol) - 16 Candles TAPE
Darkness Enshrouded the Mist (hol) - The Black Curses CD
Eindig (hol) - Doodschrift CD
Eindig (hol) - Doodschrift TAPE
Eindig (hol) - Live, Seasons End TAPE
Enecare / Forbidden Citadel of Spirits (ire/aus) - Split TAPE
Forest Grave / Arete (uk) - Split TAPE
Forest Grave / Arete (uk) - Split II TAPE
Happy Days / Eindig (usa/hol) - The First Step Towards Suicide CD
Nachtvorst (hol) - Stills CD
Sea of Trees (hol) - Aokigahara MCD
Wolfsduister (hol) - Het Duistere Pad III TAPE
Wolfsduister / Wolf (hol/mex) - Funeral Curse of Wolves PRO-TAPE

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Herxsebet / Noctrvm split tape released! SAMPLE